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Our coaches are available for keynote engagements for your conference or on site event and can speak on topics such as leadership, teamthink, and personal breakthrough. Please find a list of key topics that they could share with your organization.

CEO Self-Awareness:

The Johari Window shows that we all have blind spots that limit us from being 100% self-aware. Having a sense of confidence in your talents and being self-aware of your shortcomings is essential to leading a team.


We all leave some part of ourselves at home. The more of our authentic selves we can bring to work, the more credibility we have. Ken will share his best practices on being an authentic leader who is not afraid to exercise his strengths, and showcase his shortcomings.


The strongest bosses have the ability to lead, at times, with strong command, and at other times are willing to defer to their teams, and admit that they do not have the answers. Ken will share stories about both.

The CEO Energy

Professional athletes and corporate athletes experience the same mental and emotional stresses; however, their approach is much different. Professional athletes train 95% of the time and compete 5% of the time. Those of us in business do the opposite. Ken will talk about his approach to taking care of mind, spirit, and body in order to deliver a top performance.

CEO Clarity

We spend 8-10 hours a day with our teams, and expect that they will understand our expectations through osmosis. It does not work this way. Ken will talk about the importance of clarity at every level of the organization, how to create it, and how to reinforce it.  When the leader is clear the organization becomes clear.  When the leader is unclear the organization becomes chaotic.

The Pyramid of Personal Growth

Growing leaders grow organizations.  In this engaging retreat Ken will walk leaders through the 3 key attitudes to personal growth a breakthrough.  Digging deeper, Ken then will show leaders the 3 levels of learning and how to maximize each level for themselves and for their organization.

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The CEO as Chief Sales Officer

Founders and CEOs wear many hats and fulfill different roles in organizations. However, an essential function that every CEO should perform is that of a Chief Sales Officer.  In this dynamic keynote, Chief Sales Officer Ken will discuss how CEOs can enhance their organizations by understanding the 4 Fundamentals of leadership sales.  Through an engaging style, Ken will challenge attendees in practical ways to use influence skills in the area of sales and promotion.  Ken has worked with thousands of companies over the last 15 years and has found the one common thread through all successful companies is that they have a leader who focuses and knows how to sell themselves, their products and their vision.  As Mark Cuban suggests, “There has never been a business that succeeded without sales.”  So it is essential especially for CEOs, to know how the organization will make money and how it can actually make better and more customers. This keynote will empower and inspire you to be more active and engaged in this one essential of every great business.

The CEO and Sales

Business legend Peter Drucker stated that “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”  When leaders forget that their primary focus is to obtain good customers, the business is doomed to failure.  One essential role for CEOs and presidents of organizations is to become the Chief Sales Officer. Great CEOs help their organization focus on the customer. Many businesses focus a great deal of time and energy on providing great customer service. CEO Expert Ken Gosnell reminds organizational leaders that “before you can create great customer service, you must become great in creating customers to serve.”

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