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CEO Experience tools are designed to help CEOs gather their thoughts and push their thoughts further faster. CEO Experience offers are variety of tools, but the one essential tool that every CEO needs is the CEO Executive Guide

CXP CEO Executive Guide

The CEO Executive Guide is designed with Christian business owners in mind. The guide is one part magazine, one part executive journal, and one part personal coach. Each guide is 32 pages in length filled with content and experience questions to apply the content to your business in real time. Each guide focuses on a biblical business principle and then applied to current business situations in order to help CEOs lead better and grow their business to success.

The guide is released on the first day of each month and is released in both digital and print versions. The guide explores material and content specially designed to help CEOs and top leaders grow their business. The guide is filled with Win Activities where CEOs can interact with the material and develop a strategy to improve their own performance, the performance of their organization, and the organization of their teams.

The Well Done Book

Well Done provides any business leader insights on how to strive for excellence in building their business and ordering their life.

Although the phrase “Well Done” has a noble connotation to it, many business leaders, including Ken Gosnell, have a difficult time describing and defining what those words look like in the life of a business that is led by a person of faith. In Well Done, Ken describes the twelve biblical business principles that can help any leader who desires to grow their business and its Kingdom impact. These principles help to create a strategic roadmap for leaders to hear the words “Well Done” at the end of their journey. Every leader deserves to hear the words Well Done. Life is too short, and business is too difficult to work throughout life and miss what matters most.

The guide is not filled with all the answers, because we don’t believe we have all the answers for your business, but we believe you have the answers and we want to help you find them. Subscribe to the monthly membership for $100 a month a receive the guide delivered to your door and your inbox each month. Add an hour of executive coaching to enhance your individual experience.

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