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Once a quarter retreat program designed around the 8 Great Experiences

Organizations cannot grow beyond their leaders. These unique opportunities are designed to refuel and reenergize leaders to reach a higher level. Executive excursions are available for private executive teams or for groups of Executives.  With single day and multi-day options available, these experiences provide immeasurable results. They refresh the body, mind and soul enabling participants to take on the next opportunity with energy, new perspective and clarity.

These excursions happen as 1,3, or 5 day experiences that happen each quarter.  The excursion consist of a mastermind, an executive guide, and a experience that helps to cement the excursions leadership concept and idea. Many excursions are hosted around the country at places every leader should experience.  CEO Excursions encouraging CEOs real time opportunity to grow in work/life balance, but are  offered in variety to fit CEO schedules.

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