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Team or Next Level Leaders are essential for success. This summit is offered as a service to emerging leaders to help them develop their leadership talent and potential general management success. 

Next Level Leader (NLL) Retreat

These leaders participate in team leadership training that is similar to what business Owners and CEOs experience in CEO Roundtable experiences. In this way, the CEO/Owner/President is making a clear investment in the long-term development of their key people in a manner which is consistent with their own paradigm for company purpose and performance.

This results in deeper engagement, heightened awareness and understanding, alignment, internal accountability (up and down) and sharper communication and teamwork. Senior staff members bring back excellent ideas for furthering the company’s business and ministry, sharpened in their own facilitated peer group process, and consistent with the overarching vision and values of the firm.


Next Level Leaders enjoy a monthly peer advisory board format designed to develop personal and professional confidence, business insight, and stewardship thinking in a confidential, friendly environment, facilitated by an experienced business coach.

Next Level Leaders also enjoy the same monthly content provided to CEOs and Business Owners by CXP for their own personal and professional development, designed to help one breakthrough to the next level of performance and accountability.


Our Next Level Leader program is designed for:

  • Emerging leaders interested in developing their business and leadership talents by exploring business principles, discussing case studies, and sharing best practices, in a half day monthly workshop with other peers in non-competing businesses.
  • CEOs and Business Owners interested in investing and developing their direct reports and key members of their organization in a manner consistent with their own paradigm for company purpose and performance.

Are you ready to become a Next Level Leader?

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