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CXP CEO Coaching and Mentoring Program.

Every great leader has had or has a mentor.  One of the best investments that you can make in yourself is in finding and using a mentor.

CEO Experience offers 30-60-90 minute mentor experiences where our coaching mentors lead you on a pathway to building a great business and a great life. Through a proven process, the guide will lead you through an evaluation of your personal dashboard to discover blind spots and address them before they sabotage your success.

Your successes are identified and celebrated.  Breakthroughs can happen when we focus on what is working in life, not just on what is not working. Wins that are celebrated are more likely to be repeated. New ideas are suggested or identified.  Every session with a mentor is designed to bring about new ideas and concepts to implement.

Focus and accountability are determined to ensure that a leader will stay on the path of progress and success.  A focus funnel is recommended to determine the next key steps that should be taken on the path to peak performance.

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