Our Experiences

Individual Experiences: Starting as low as $799 per experience

We believe that every Leader should have 8 “Great” Experiences.

1.   A DREAM Experience: Meet with a coach for an entire day or join one of our “Sight” Days.  This one day experience will help you to develop a crystal clear vision of your future and the future of your organization.

2.  A LISTENING Experiences:  Become a better leader through learning how to listen.  Listen first to yourself during a silent retreat.  An “experience” coach will guide you through a day of total silence with a 30 minute debrief at the end of the day.  This is a day to find your inner core.

3.  A GROWTH Experience:  This experience consists of a variety of study retreats – A day to focus on specific areas for self-improvement.

4.  A CUSTOMER Experience:  This is a 360 Degree review of your leadership that will help you to become a better leader.

5.  A TEAM Experience: These are retreat days with your team to get a better understanding of each other to grow as a team.

6.  A LEADERSHIP Experience:  Experience Leadership Strategy Days: These are personal strategy days to develop a better and higher level of leading any organization.

7. A PEER Experience: Gather with other CEO’s and business owners to ask questions, gain insights on upcoming trends, and share success stories about how to move into the future.

8.   A LIFE-MAP Experience:  Discover where you have come from and discern where you would like to move forward into the future.

Team Experiences:

We work with leaders to help achieve breakthroughs in the organization by planning and leading half day team retreats.  These retreats take the form of workshops, seminars, and leadership roundtables to discuss vision, values, and strategic planning for the organization.